Auta Waziri Biography, Age, Net Worth, Tarihin, Phone Number


Auta Waziri - YouTube


Auta Waziri is a native Hausa singer, he hails from Kaduna state, in the northern part of Nigeria. He is 25 years of age, and practices the Islam religion. He attended both his primary and secondary schools education at Kaduna State.

Auta Waziri Popular Songs

Auta Waziri has released many songs in his career. But here are the few popular hit tracks he has dropped, listen to them below, they will blow your mind.

Auta Waziri Net Worth

Auta Waziri is worth the estimate of around $100,000 which is probably around ₦ 80,000,000 and is gradually becoming one of the richest Hausa singers, in the northern part of Nigeria.


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