Neken Chuwang ft. Oluwadrumma – Miracle


Miracle - song and lyrics by Neken Chuwang | Spotify, a talented musician from the tribe, has recently released a new single titled “Miracle” featuring . The song is a fusion of contemporary and traditional African sounds, with a unique blend of English and Berom language lyrics.

In “Miracle,” Neken Chuwang delivers an inspiring message about the power of faith and hope in the face of adversity. Oluwadrumma‘s percussion and drum beats add an energetic and dynamic rhythm that makes the song an instant hit.

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The single has already gained a lot of attention within the Nigerian music industry, with many fans praising Neken Chuwang‘s ability to blend different sounds and languages into a cohesive and uplifting song. The Berom tribe’s rich cultural heritage is also highlighted in the song’s lyrics and melody, giving it a distinct and authentic African feel.

As an up-and-coming artist, Neken Chuwang is making waves in the Nigerian music scene with his unique sound and style. “Miracle” is just one of many great songs to come from this talented musician, and it’s definitely worth adding to your playlist. So, if you’re a fan of African music or just looking for something new and refreshing, give Neken Chuwang’s “Miracle” a listen today.

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Stream and download all old and latest by Neken Chuwang ft. Oluwadrumma – Miracle in audio mp3 format below:

DOWNLOAD MP3: Neken Chuwang ft. Oluwadrumma – Miracle

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