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, a talented musician from the tribe, has just released his latest musical project, Unplugged. Produced by Productions, this album features Neken’s signature soulful sound, stripped down to its purest form.

Unplugged showcases Neken’s exceptional vocal range and musical prowess, with acoustic instrumentation that complements his heartfelt lyrics. The album is a fusion of contemporary and traditional Berom rhythms, creating a unique and captivating listening experience.

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Neken Chuwang’s music has always celebrated his heritage and culture, and Unplugged is no exception. Through his powerful vocals and evocative lyrics, Neken paints a vivid picture of his upbringing and the beauty of his homeland. The album is a testament to the rich musical tradition of the Berom people, and a celebration of their unique cultural identity.

If you’re a fan of soulful, authentic African music, then Unplugged is definitely an album you don’t want to miss. With Neken Chuwang’s remarkable talent and Oluwadrumma Productions’ expert production, this album is sure to become a favorite among music lovers everywhere.

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