Top Trending Hausa Songs on TikTok 2024


Hausa songs TikTok (Best Hausa TikTok Videos) - YouTubeTikTok has been a social media platform for the past few years for people to formally express themselves, entertain and create good awareness amongst the society. This platform has diversify the entire continents, bringing individuals together, through the universal langauge called “Music”.

Musicians and artistes has used this forum to furthur entertain, influence, and showcase their exclusive talents, which sometimes are used by upcoming artistes and performers to build their skills set, and often used for fun, such as what is called “Challenge” today.

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Today, even in Nigeria, each and every artist not minding their belief and ethnicity also uses this platform, to promote and entertain their fans all over the country. Not exempting the Hausa’s who have strife in the past few years and has succeeded in promoting their songs and entertaining Nigerians with their entertaining .

Here are the list of the top 10 Trending Hausa Songs on TikTok 2023:


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